If you thought Apple Ads Block was going to lead to the demise of Retard Media, then think again

There are at least two reasons why Apple Ad Block will not eradicate Retard Media from the face of the planet — though in my humble opinion that event could not come a moment too soon: 1. Native advertising already exists — the New York Times is not some scifi horror story from the future; 2. People will soon begin to realize that their new neato smartphone gizmos have advertising hard-coded into them.

Not until many — no: Probably not until most people turn their backs on being fed baby-food (whether via mainstream retard media channels or via industrial espionage technology conglomerates spying on illiterate consumers everywhere around the clock) will such retard media companies go bust.

I actually think people in the developed world are at a disadvantage with respect to media literacy. People who grow up surrounded by advertising may very well think it’s natural to be given bogus information this way. In contrast, people in the developing world are able to see the blatant propaganda all the more clearly.

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