Evidence-Based Life: What it takes to be somebody

Are you alive? You very well may be — but is there any evidence of that fact? What evidence exists that your brain is actively functioning, such that every now and then it may produce something like thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.?

Do you think clicking a “like” button on facebook counts? Or maybe turning on your phone such that dozens of companies in Silicon Valley are able to track your geographic location, and maybe some of them might ask you to “check in”, to “check something out”, to buy something or maybe to sign up, perhaps to sign on the dotted line?

What designs do you have for the world? What creative ideas are you coming up with? How would anyone know about them? By being your friend on facebook?

No facebook is made for advertisers, so unless you are going to pay facebook money, that avenue will not lead to any evidence that you are a part of the universe… — roll again!

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