Google is not an NGO

There are several interesting quotes from the recently published Edelman Trust Barometer 2014 — Executive Summary. First, the Edelman report makes a big deal about “informed publics” (but they don’t define this term):

General public populations reported substantially lower trust
levels than informed publics, a global trust difference of nine

I sort of get the feeling that “informed publics” might be the ones who are more likely to watch Superbowl ads than the so-called “general public population”(?).


NGOs are the most trusted institution.

And finally:

The Technology industry continues to lead with a trust level of 79 percent among informed publics (Fig. 7) but is beginning to show cracks in some key markets such as France.

Maybe the French informed publics are not as well informed as the Superbowl-watching informed publics… and maybe that’s why they appear to be cracking up? ;)

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