Transcending Textual Materialism

Of course my writing is linked — there are relationships between my ideas, whether I am aware of them or not, whether or not I explicate such relations as I write down my thoughts.

Hence, it is not at all surprising that there are links and relationships between “Life Mashups: Business + Love” and “I probably care more about the role of my life in my environment than I care about most other people in the world“, and also between these two and “Love, Life, Relationships, Links and Language“.

Once a text has been written, it becomes externalized from the author — and so I can look at such texts as a reader, they can be parsed as a computer program can be executed, analyzed, measured, evaluated as little bits of information (and there you may notice a link / relationship between this post — as I do, as I am presently writing it — and “Little Bitty Digital Fantasy“).

More and more, our economy is based on material objects — whether tools, resources, or ideas formulated as computer algorithms, chemical formulas or as written expressions (“natural language” texts). These are things that can be performed, executed, processed, etc.

But we humans are alive, we breathe, our hearts beat loudly or softly, depending on our passions, we become ecstatic, depressed, we may be healthy or sick, and all of these things are tremendously important to us… — probably even much more so than the truth or falsehood of a mathematical statement or statistical formula.

If some scientific theory doesn’t describe an actual human, then we must fix the theory, not the human.

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