Are You Wasting Your Time?

I think the vast majority of people use the Internet to waste time (they might, for example, visit websites like … that is, if they aren’t “hanging out” / “killing time” on The often play games, chat with people who happen to be online at the same time that they are online, or maybe engage in some sort of “gossip”-themed discussion.

I am different… — I am not online for entertainment. I want to make the world a better place — even (as I wrote just the other day) the best place possible by using information technology. I believe people can be educated to use such technologies reasonably and effectively to improve their lives and also other people’s lives.

When I was involved with the online community (an Omidyar Network project), I met many like-minded people, and I learned many things from many of these people. Now Omidyar Network is in the process of launching another project — this one is apparently more focused on journalism (mainstream media / news)… see e.g. this “guest post” by Sue Braiden.

I’ve also heard that Andy Carvin is going to join this new project — and I find that very inspiring. Andy was also part of the online community project, and I recall from my interactions with him there (and also later on other websites, such as — which I no longer actively use) that he is very knowledgeable concerning online media, digital literacy, the so-called “digital divide” and so on.

I wish Pam and Pierre Omidyar much luck with this project. To find out more about it, please visit “First Look Media“. :)

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