Win a Prize Now with an Easy Summer Reading + Writing Contest!

What can I win? :D

  • 1 Year MYOur.ORG Community Membership (value = 10 Euros)
  • 1 Year MYOur.ORG Featured Profile (value = 10 Euros)
  • 100 MYOur.ORG Standard Bling (value = 100 Euros)

Total value: 120 Euros — for FREE!

What do I have to do to win?

  • Write a blog post [*] (on your own blog) about your favorite of the following 5 blog posts:
  1. You Need Nothing in Order to Be Independent
  2. The Marketing Industrial Complex Needs Wholesale Reform if Not Even Downright Revolution
  3. Self-Reliance 2.0
  4. The Distribution of Literacy is More Important than the Distribution of Wealth
  5. Don’t Listen to Me!
  • Explain why it’s your favorite post
  • Link back to the original post (use either a “do-follow” or a “no-follow” link — I don’t care about Google ;) )

The first 10 to complete these 3 easy steps win! :D Please: Only 1 prize per person, and the contest ends (at the latest) at midnight on the 1st of September, 2013.

Have fun!

[*] Note: we reserve the right to limit the contest to blog posts written in English.

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