The Marketing Industrial Complex Needs Wholesale Reform if Not Even Downright Revolution

Seems sick an’ it’s hungry, it’s tired an’ it’s torn
It looks like it’s a-dyin’ an’ it’s hardly been born

The secret is finally out: The raison d’ etre of retard media companies is to spy on users. Soon, even the utter illiterati will catch on. The times when you could dangle an offer and suckers would come streaming in are over.

Marketing is only about 100 years old, so we could easily just shrug our shoulders, kick back and watch the propaganda industry fold up as quickly as it had originally started off.

Yet that isn’t going to happen, if only for the simple reason that the information genie is not going back to go into the Dark Ages. 500 years ago, huge armies were launched against Reformations much like today the Protectorate of Freedom is hell-bent on thwarting unguided thinking, wanton publication and all sorts of whatnot. Just like they lost centuries ago, so too will the contemporary version of backwards-oriented luddite establishment sink like a rock these days. The hegemony of conventional thought is not long for the world.

Yet the bloody revolutions of bygone centuries need not happen again. We have learned a lot about civil disobedience. We are no longer slaves. We need neither your taxing search and seizure nor your chemical concoctions, thank you very much.

Anyone who wants to work in marketing needs to forget the stuff in the textbook. It’s time to change your mind about the service — do not dupe, or herds of angry suckers will ultimately chase you down… and “sooner or later” might be as soon as tomorrow, rather than many years or decades off.

Flip it around: It’s time to inform the vendors. I am not going to give away any secrets about how that should be done… — but if you are smart enough to contact me, then I will gladly work with you in order for us to develop and build a game plan together! :D

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