The 2 Revolutions that Must Happen for Developed Economies to Remain Competitive in a Global Market Characterized by Globalization 2.0

There are 2 revolutions that must happen in order for most developed economies to remain competitive in the global economy which has already begun to reorganize in a globalization 2.0 fashion. Here, I will simply name the 2 revolutions that are necessary. In later posts, I will describe each of these in more detail.

I have already written about the more fundamental shift for many years: Employment is no longer a viable business model. In order to remain competitive, industrialized economies must abandon the employment model. This is truly revolutionary, but economies that are unable to make this change will continue to stagnate for many decades if not even centuries to come. Revolution is a prerequisite for these economies to turn around the present prospect of prolonged malaise.

The other revolution that is required is something I will refer to as the marketing industrial complex: Marketing must be converted away from an exclusive focus on profit for private corporations towards an orientation to profit for all stakeholders — including “natural” or “environmental” stakeholders. Whereas the first revolution is fundamentally a practical one, this second revolution will require a fundamental rethinking about how society is organized on a more philosophical and/or ideological level.

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