Why a Wide-Spread Idea Beats Thin Thinking

You might think I’m talking about narrow-mindedness — but I’m not. I’m actually talking about a misconception… namely: When people say they “don’t want spread myself too thinly”.

Let’s say you wanted to sell bicycles online. You might be inclined to focus on bicycles.com — and indeed: I wouldn’t argue with that. But what about many other related concepts — such as “bike”, “bmx”, “fitness” or even “traffic safety”?

Saying you’re not interested means you’re not interested in many of your potential customers — namely those who are seeking information about those topics.

I already know what many of you are thinking now! ;) You are thinking: “We already reach all of our customers because we are on TV, on the radio, we are the top result on Google (for “bicycles”) and our page on Facebook has a gazillion fans (for which we paid our social media wiz a lot of money to acquire).

Congratulations — you now have a fabulous presence on retard media! :D

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