As I walk down the highway all I do is sing this song…

I’m so glad I’m living — I’m gonna tell the world I am

One thing many people have lost sight of is their own existence, their own being, their own behavior,… — as opposed to, for example, their impact on society, the traces they leave behind, their legacy, etc.

Ironically, this is very acute online. People want to “show up” on Google, they want to get votes, likes, … recognition. They do not care about who they actually are themselves, but rather what other people interpret them to be. The technology that was touted as the revolution which would transport individual messages is now being used to predominantly anonymize the individual, to wipe out his/her significance, and to instead channel the faceless crowd.

I refuse to lose myself among the masses!

I publish my ideas on my sites. I place content into its most appropriate context. If others want to understand what I mean to express, then they can come to visit the appropriate contexts and listen to what I say about those topics. I couldn’t care less about publishing the things I care about on someone else’s wall.

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