There’s no such thing as a non-social website

Even though the title of this post ought to be plain and obvious, I bet very few people will understand it. Most people would rather approve of something a scantily clad model might say (and it probably wouldn’t really matter what he / she says).

There are still many people who mistake popular websites for good sources of reliable information — most people simply lack digital literacy skills.

Here’s a quick introduction to the world-wide web: when you visit a website, the website knows that you visited there (because you requested the information, and therefore the “server” computer serves you the information).

If you are not happy with other people knowing what websites you visit, then simply stop using the web.

On the other hand: If you think it means something that a million people have visited a particular website, then you probably should stop using the web (and get outside, get some fresh air, smell the roses, etc.).

Everyone else should send me a donation, and I then will credit you for the next lesson! ;)

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