To assume that everyone is listening to you is a very condescending attitude

Earlier today I wrote “Great Expectations: When the Boss Talks, Subordinates Listen?” — but I think perhaps I didn’t underscore enough how a lot of people behave like bosses. The will simply “voice their opinions” and think that everyone else will sit up, pay attention and figure out the meaning.

What you need to do is to figure me out — and I think most of my friends understand this distinction.

On the contrary, most of people who publish articles or advertisements in the New York Times don’t. I don’t read the New York Times, because I don’t think the New York Times cares about me. I don’t search with Google, because I think Google cares more about the New York Times (and other companies) than it cares about me.

Do you think you’re “front page news”? If so, then good for you… — but that don’t mean nothing to me. ;)

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