Blogging is All About Being Read, That’s Why Some Bloggers Sometimes Behave Like Whores

If I were an “SEO hacker”-type blogger, I might put a neat-o picture here. But because I’m not that kind of blogger, I will just let your imagination run wild instead. :P

The whole Twitter-twat mania to be the first to tweet is all good and fine, a sweet and cute race to get the gold medal and thereby become a rock star. I lost interest in that when the poorly managed website decided it was a good idea to push celebrities. If I wanted to watch celebrities, then I would turn on the TV set. I don’t, and that is the simple and straightforward reason why I consider twitter to be an epic fail. ;)

“So how many readers do you have?”

Answer: I don’t care how many readers I have, and that’s why I don’t know. To be honest: I don’t want a lot of readers, because I have to pay the money so they can read for free. For all I care, these free-riders might as well go to hell! :twisted:

“Well how can I get someone to read my crap?”

Write something that people want to read, but even more important than that: Publish it somewhere where people will probably look for it and where they can find it. If you don’t care who does that, then there are also plenty of other places where you can hang out your sign (so to speak).

Happy trails! :D

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