The Universe is Not Expanding, Some People’s Perception, Sensitivity, Knowledge and Intelligence are Simply Decreasing

There are several recurrent themes in my writing that I try to explicate time and time again, but which I simply cannot seem to get across very well — or maybe I am simply trying to affront a tidal wave of ignorance with little more than a teacup and a lot of wishful thinking. A prime example of this is my (apparently futile) attempt to get people (like Paul Krugman) to understand that employment doesn’t matter.

Well, now Adam Kleinberg has written what I consider to be a very articulate and eloquent critique of “growth” — here is an excerpt (but please go ahead and click through to the source):

Then why do most just rely on growth? Well, for one, it works really well to justify executive bonuses. But a less cynical view is that it’s simply a clear and easy thing to measure. And therein lies the rub.

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