2 Weeks, 5 Days and 64 replays of Nirvana later…

I just woke up in the middle of the night with an AHA! insight into what (I think) my friend Brad Byrne was talking about nearly 3 weeks ago… — or maybe it’s somewhat of a tangent / variation on a theme… — involving Addle Search.

Even though Addle Search is merely one component of a much larger structure (i.e. more generally: organizing the information available via the web), many people are (perhaps) more immediately interested in some other parts of parts of that grand scheme of things than in Addle Search.

One such different aspect is (I think) what Brad was alluding to — namely the “custom web design” aspect. He didn’t mention this per se, but because he raised the question of what kinds of features might be available (which I totally did not understand at all at the moment, because I was working on a model involving a platform of something like a “plain vanilla” WordPress installation… — and I still am), I’ve now realized how this plays into the central idea of “giving people what they want”.

The design / implementation possibilities of individual websites are (of course) nearly endless — and while that is not something that has to do with Addle Search, it is quite likely a concern that is very much on other people’s minds.

I didn’t (and indeed still don’t) understand this — but that is probably mainly because the way I see it, the only limits with respect to site development are the “self-imposed” limits of the limited imagination, resources, etc. of the designer / developer in question.

I had not highlighted this issue when introducing Addle Search — and I now see how this might have been a problem (insofar as many people are very used to picking items from a menu instead of thinking about and deciding such issues on their own).

In the coming days, I will post more about this — so now is the time for you to get excited and develop a hunger for more in anticipation of some absolutely phenomenal ideas! :D

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