The Pope of the Internet

Although it seems as though there are quite a few people who say they are atheists, in fact most people do believe in something.

Most illiterate people (the ones who are more or less stuck using retard media) believe in Google: Whatever Google says is taken by retard media users to be true and undeniable facts.

Of course there are different degrees of belief: Just as some people are more devout Christians than others, so too some people are more fanatical Google Fanboys than others — the type of person who might say “just Google it” can obviously be classified as a Fundamentalist Googler or a Googly Extremist.

For someone to doubt the validity of Google results would be considered sacrilegious to a Google believer. If something does not show up in Google results, then that would be more or less equivalent to proving that the author in question is a witch.

As in bygone centuries, so today preachers travel from conference to conference and give people advice on what is or isn’t a sin, and also on the procedures involved in a re-inclusion request into the Google flock in case you have been reprimanded.

Although there are no physical churches for confessions and such, apparently Google will be opening stores where the faithful can buy souvenirs.

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