I am not a very private or secretive person. Recently, someone close to me felt I “overshared” information — in other words: that I said something they did not feel it was right for me to say. I didn’t say this publicly, but they were upset in part because it involved something like a triangular relationship (actually, it had to do with 4 people).

Well, since I am (as I said) not particularly private or secretive, I did not feel I was wrong — but the person in question was very offended, hurt, etc. and so I am very sorry for that.

We had set a date to talk about it today (about 2 weeks “after the fact”), and I have been doing a lot of thinking about which aspects of my behavior were “right”, “wrong”, which things needed fixing, and so on. I wasn’t sure about a lot of my ideas and feelings when the time for our meeting had come. I was quite uncertain, actually — except that I knew that I was sorry to have offended the person and thereby also obviously hurt their feelings.

And now something completely different has happened: That person stood me up! :O

Now I have even more mixed feelings. At first, they acted as if I had made a cardinal sin, but now they acted as if it were something not even worth their time.

I notice this a lot these days: People lack commitment. They are unwilling to stand up for their own beliefs. Their philosophy of life can be summed up in one word: meh.


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