I’m not really sure if this is a continuation of the previous post — but it might be….

Last weekend after Aaron Swartz committed suicide, I was in a couple discussions about posts that were made concerning free speech and whatnot, when I got attacked for what seems to me to have been about my lack of understanding with respect to who Aaron Swartz was. I will not refute that at all: I never really knew about him at all until last weekend.

To me in particular, individuals aren’t that important (and there is, I guess the link to my previous post). When society misbehaves against individuals, I get very angry — but whether Aaron Swartz or someone else committed suicide doesn’t really make a difference: A suicide is always a suicide. It is always a loss. It is always a tragedy. People who act as though Aaron Swartz’s suicide is more important than anyone else really kind of disgust me.

Taking someone hostage — even your own life, as Aaron apparently did — to make a political statement is an act of terrorism. Yes: Even the United States of America harbors many crazy people. If Americans were not so fanatically individualistic, they would take better care of their friends and neighbors.

If I had to choose whether a billion dollars were spent on access to professional journal articles or on better “care” for fellow countrymen (in the United States), I would channel that money into getting people off of the streets, giving them something to hope for, to look forward to, and to work towards.

But as long as the American mindset is fixated on Individualism, I expect a lot more stories of tragedy, suffering and cold-heartedness will emanate from this country of self-centered and greedy individualists. In my opinion, Americans really need to get over themselves for once and for all.

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