People who maintain that the value of anything is simply the price set in the free market are so stupid that they don’t even realize that free markets are a myth

I remember when I was in high school one of my friends came back from visiting some college or university, and he brought back some “professor’s chalk” — it was much bigger than the chalk our schoolteacher used.

The reason why I bring it up: There are people who say the market price is always the correct price. These people belong back in grade school — they need to relearn basic arithmetic and algebra… and someone needs to explain the word “abstraction” to them in the way they are able to comprehend it (which, I admit, is perhaps not such an easy task).

Let me try to explain this in another way: If you also believe that the market price is the right price, then that means you also feel that crime is OK, that mass extinction of species is completely natural, and that global warming is not a problem.

If you are happy holding such beliefs, then I think you are a moron. :)

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