I am SHOCKED: I feel like I have been DUPED and SOLD DOWN THE RIVER… by WordPress! O_O

I find this difficult to fathom. With the latest upgrade to WordPress 3.5, I noticed some quirky things — for example that my WordPress theme was thrown out and replaced by Twenty Twelve…. :|

What I didn’t immediately realize was that Twenty Twelve is somewhat of a Trojan Horse! 8O Every WordPress install that utilizes the Twenty Twelve theme (which are probably quite a few, since this upgrade seems to force the Twenty Twelve theme upon innocent WordPress users) is sharing information about any / all blogs which use the Twenty Twelve theme with Google (because it seems like the theme incorporates Google Fonts).

That SUCKS! WordPress should not be forcing me to share private information of those who use my blogs with Google. I am now going to have to fix this. But what is even worse is that I wasn’t given a warning that this would happen. So unless WordPress fixes that, I think my trust has been significantly reduced. :(

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