The Greatest Retard Media Hoax is Publicity


This morning I was listening to Ravel’s “Bolero”, and as I was thinking about this post, it occurred to me that not only was the original audience shocked, calling him crazy… but also several decades ago, when the piece was featured in a film called “10” with Bo Derek, the intention was perhaps also to captivate, mesmerize and seduce the audience. The audience. Decades ago, “the audience” may still have existed — but today it is time to call that species extinct.

Let me explain. For many scores, hundreds and thousands of years, we have had a notion of an audience… — addressing a public on a public square. For millions of years, we have communicated one-to-one, and then for a couple thousand some people have spoken one-to-everyone… whether that was an ancient Emperor or a modern dictator… or an advertisement in a movie theater, on television, on the radio, on Times Square… — whatever.

Those days are now gone. There is no longer any public. “Publicity is a hoax. You will never again be able to address everyone — whether you are the President of the United States of America, or whether you are the Pope of the Catholic Church, or even if you are the CEO of Google. You will never have the kind of captivated audience propagandists once had and today still dream of.

You will be very lucky if you manage to reach 1%. More likely, you will only reach an infinitesimal fraction of 1%. And yet, many retard media executives will probably successfully dupe the vast majority of many huge populations — who are by and large all illiterate — into believing that if they sign on the dotted line, then they can broadcast their message to the entire world. They will, of course, laugh all the way to the bank as they deposit the check into their accounts… because some illiterate person believes they have just bought a ticket to “get into heaven”.

Indeed: There’s probably now another sucker born every second!

If you want to take a first step towards selecting (also known as “targeting”) the audience you wish to address, start here. ;)

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