50 Pages of Google

Retard media exploit the their audience’s lack of media literacy. For example, people will pay Google money in order to get their website listed in the search engine (or they will pay for “search engine optimization” [SEO] services). Either way: they are paying money because they lack the literacy skills required to create websites, apps and other business communications. They are simply not literate enough to communicate directly with their target audience(s). Whether they pay Google or Facebook, the local newspaper, a PR (public relations), marketing or advertising agency — regardless of which intermediary they pay: the payment (sometimes such “services” are actually referred to as “paid media”) is a clear signal they they are so illiterate that they are basically unable to communicate themselves.

By far, the vast majority of such business communications are “handled” by Google. Google’s profit is directly proportional to the degree of online businesses’ illiteracy. Very far behind this vast media monopoly are a bunch of other media companies that also cater to such illiterate business people, wannabe entrepreneurs and “small and medium enterprises” ([SME] or [SMB]). All of these small companies and small businesses are takeover targets. If a small company is very profitable, then the large “retard media” companies they outsource their business communications to (whether Google, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, or some other not-yet-acquired startups) will probably be acquired by those companies who are very much “in the know” about the level of business activity happening.

These very large retard media companies are definitely scrutinizing the so-called “big data” small and medium businesses are exchanging across these retard media channels. This isn’t rocket science: Google bought Youtube because they saw how much people used Youtube. Facebook bought Whatsapp because they want this data. Almost every billion-dollar unicorn is moving large amounts of data over channels owned by the biggest retard media companies — and either these companies are acquired early, or they are outright launched by angel investment support from such big media conglomerates… and then promoted to equally illiterate consumers. There are dozens of such retard media startups littering the front pages of the business section of newspapers (and most of these newspapers are either controlled or also owned outright by retard media investors).

No business that is based on the illiteracy of both the owners as well as the consumers of the product or service in question is a business with a future. Either the business will be acquired, or it will fail — end of story.

The only way for businesses and consumers to escape this death spiral is to acquire media literacy skills — to become sufficiently literate themselves… — and thereby to liberate themselves from an otherwise destitute dependency on retard media for a short term bare minimum of life support.

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