Card-Carrying Members, Kind of Pregnant,… — Just Saying: Actions Do Not Speak Louder Than Words

If you maintain that (your) actions speak louder than (your) words, then that is an indication that you yourself are insincere. That is not some astounding new discovery, but it has significant impact on an online discussion I took part in yesterday (see “Experience and Evidence Point to Strong Renewal Rates for New TLDs“). “How are these two topics related?” you may ask. Well, this post will hopefully answer that question.

The reason why I participate in this or that group, why I am a member of a particular community, etc. is not in order to “show up” as a card-carrying member. The reason why I become engaged is because the active involvement interests me. I do not seek Google’s or the Pope’s recognition. My interest is intrinsic. I do not want or need a medal, honor or prize. My enthusiasm does not care what outsiders think.

If you are an insider, then we are perhaps more than merely aligned. We are teammates doing teamwork. When we speak, when we plot and plan, we are taking actions which lead to building bridges and connecting the dots. These expression are not meaningless hot air — they are part and parcel… and they also lay the foundation towards collaboratively engineering our future.

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