Little Bitty Digital Fantasy

Closing a door behind him, the author prepares for a little change of pace…. It will be an experiment — an experiential quasi-essay, a window to a different space, one of fantastic cyber-surrealism.

Approaching the entrance, he sticks out his finger. He sees a red button, he wonders what it means… — one way to find out would be to press it. Trying to touch it to see, but it recedes back. He sticks it in further, and further it recedes. Finally — just as he thinks he can’t reach far enough — the button bounces back, biting the finger with a high voltage electric shock. Sucked in though the portal, the author is transformed into an energetic stream of bits, emerging from the opposite side as a very long string of ones and zeroes.

As the string streams into the black, empty space, into the storage medium on the other side, the bits disperse and fly off in every direction imaginable. Little specks of white light scatter out across the vast, dark emptiness, but the oddest thing of all is that no one is there to witness this spectacular event.

Each little itty bitty individual speck of light now lives a life of its own, with no connection to any of the other bits that had just previously been parts and parcels of the author himself. Now emerging as a meaningless scatter-plot, the story disintegrates.

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