How to create your future

Today, when people use retard media to search for what was created in the past — whether that be 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago — many will sub-consciously realize that search engines like Google have no interest in giving away a free lunch, and so they are inclined to click on so-called “sponsored results” because they think that if someone is willing to pay a lot of money to show up on Google, then they must be smart, right?

In my opinion, paying money to show up in retard media websites mainly shows the type of audience you wish to address. People who pay to show up in Google attempt to address everyone… many do not realize that smart people do not waste their time on Google.

Speaking of wasting time, there are probably just as many people — if not even more — wasting their time on other retard media websites like Facebook, where neither future nor past exist. The only thing that exists on these websites is the present, and many of the people do not realize that the present they see is the one that is being advertised.

The truly revolutionary future will be neither televised nor advertised — it will simply be created. Poor ideas, gimmicks and hoaxes are likely to show up at Google and Facebook as “sponsored results” or “sponsored stories”, but the sponsors (advertisers) have little or no control over who is going to see the message or story as intended. Google and Facebook are very secretive about their censorship algorithms (Google actually calls these “search algorithms” in order to further mislead the naive public with their hoax).

People and companies who take their own future into their own hands do not let an intermediary interfere with their communications. Instead, these people and companies will seek to engage with each other in the near future (and also in the more distant future) by expressing their intentions in the present. Messages do not propagate immediately (in so-called “real time”), there is always a certain degree of lag.

Among the most effective channels of propagation are Wisdom of the Language websites (and Wisdom of the Language websites are usually also among the most efficient channels). For example, probably has the most up-to-date information about weather (from a commercial source), and also the most comprehensive information, the most reliable information, etc. The community of people and companies who gather here are presumably all engaged in some way or other with the “weather” topic… whether currently or in the near or more distant future.

Yet one thing is certain: When, at some point in the future, someone seeks to engage with a topic, then that person will find only information that has been shared previously. In other words, to create the future, you must share your ideas about it beforehand. No better time than the present — why not do it now?

The longer you remain silent, the longer it will take for you to come into existence. If you do not speak up now, then the chance that you will not be heard or listened to — that you will essentially not exist — tomorrow is far greater than if you seize the day today.

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