Some Things in Life are More Important than Meeting People

How many friends do you have? I don’t have many friends (probably because I’m often asking difficult questions :P ), but the friends I do have I really do cherish.

Yet friends aren’t everything. Your life also needs a purpose. One of my friends has started a “purpose podcast” and I really enjoy listening to it — you should check it out!

There are dozens — no, hundreds… no, probably thousands upon thousands — of websites where the entire purpose of the website is to meet and chat with other people. Many of these websites are considered successful if there are millions upon millions of people signed up (because then advertisers can hit unsuspecting airheads over the head with a WHOPPER of an advertisement — one that will knock them out and have them mesmerized and spinning off into the distance in a viral daze 0.O ).


In my opinion such discourse ought not to be the be-all and end-all of our existence… and the reason why the web is so underdeveloped is quite simply because too many people are too lazy, too disinterested or perhaps simply too stupid to do much of anything about it.

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