Even Pierre Omidyar’s blogs get censored by Google (and probably by Facebook, too)

I heard via the “No Agenda” podcast (#557, 1 hr 29 min 45 sec) that Pierre Omidyar is planning to invest $250 MM in a new media venture:

Right now, I’m in the very early stages of creating a new mass media organization. I don’t yet know how or when it will be rolled out, or what it will look like.

The funny thing is: When I used Google to search for his blog post (I entered Pierre Omidyar Glenn Greenwald), his blog didn’t show up. Only a bunch of mainstream / retard media links.

I hope Pierre is also willing to invest money not only in “mass media“, but also the media of the masses who are overlooked by mainstream / retard media outlets and search engines like Google and Facebook.

I would be happy to highlight such media projects — e.g. on Occupy Website.

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