Building a Typology of Communication Transaction Types

Over many years, I hear people mention “Personality Type” typologies (such as Myer-Briggs). I find these laughable, and anyone with even just a cursory acquaintance with them will easily admit that almost any person will score on them differently from one time to another. In my opinion, they are neither reliable nor valid.

I have come up with an idea that is somewhat similar, but does not make such ridiculous statements. Instead, my typology is about how people communicate — the perspectives they take, the kind of relationship they assume with respect to their partners, the way they behave, … — things like that. It is supposed to be a useful tool for assessing a person in the “here and now”, without worrying about who that person might have been yesterday, who they might be tomorrow, or anything speculative like that.

I just came up with this idea yesterday, so I will have to test it out in my secret underground laboratory. If it pans out, then I will talk more about it. ;)

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