The Retard Media Glitch and Google-Sized Hoaxes

10 days ago, in “The Liquidity of Information” I wrote (about

The information transferred via this website is very random and fickle — but there is a lot being transferred, and it can change direction on a dime.

Just a couple days later, I was proven right — but what is really astounding about what happened is how many morons actually pay attention to retard media (and not only that, but also that these morons are entrusted with such huge sums of financial capital — needless to say, I had already stopped trusting the apparent genius of these button pushers many years before this event).

Note that in the grand scheme of things, this was nothing more than a blip — a miniscule glitch that was washed out of the market in a matter of minutes. I wonder what will happen in the aftermath of this shameful event on the trading desks of banks and other financial institutions across the world. My guess is: Probably nothing.

This leads me to a bigger question: Do such morons and their colleagues also have a similarly “rock solid” trust in Google Propaganda? This is obviously a rhetorical question, because if they didn’t, the giant sucking sound of capital flowing out of the stock market keeping the share markets so high would be absolutely deafening.

This leads me to a even bigger question: What will happen when this much larger retard media bubble bursts? My hunch is: The results will be devastating. If the newspaper industry has been experiencing a slow-motion train wreck over the past decade or so, this will be an explosion that will make the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center look like peanuts.

Humungous multi-national media conglomerates will grind to a standstill, and the economies of many western, so-called “industrialized” economies will experience depressions that make the aftermath of the financial crises of the past 5 or 6 years seem like a happy-go-lucky liquidation sale.

Expect it!

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