How to Move On from Retard Media — Remove the Middleman

In “This Week in Tech” (Episode 401), John C. Dvorak suggested to “skip the middleman” — an intriguing prospect (and yet it is only really meaningful if everyone agrees what are “end goals” versus what are merely “means to an end goal”).

At any rate, skipping the middle man is a very forward-thinking idea. Disintermediation is a big part of what the world-wide web is all about. In a way, the allure of facebook was to interact directly with “friends”, rather than to first point at information and hope that Google would notice the link. Anyone who is not asleep or in a coma should have recognized by now that these are bogus schemes… which exist mainly in order to trick people into thinking there is “direct” interaction when in fact these so-called “services” take money from advertisers in order to place advertisements in between users and the information they actually want to use.

I can like something without using I can find something without using Just as I don’t need google to tell me that the Amazon store is located at, I don’t need a university degree to figure out that I may very well be able to buy a car at — look ma, no algorithms needed!

More generally: I do not need to go to site X in order to launch an app that does Y. If I want Y, I can simply go to a Y site directly. Of course, people who are worried about surfing the world-wide web will probably continue to use retard media websites to chaperone and guide them. Such unenlightened people will either succeed or fail depending on the quality of the chaperoned guidance they receive… and most of the time, they will be recommended to visit the websites of those companies from which the chaperones receive the most money.

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