I want you to show me the way

Yes, when I decided to write this post, I thought of the song by that name, a “top of the charts” hit by Peter Frampton.

I thought: this is the message — Peter Frampton was right… and yet: then again, he wasn’t the only one who was right. Somebody put his record on the player and played it. Someone else bought the record. Someone else bought the record player. Someone else paid for the radio studio, someone paid for the electricity, somehow, Peter Frampton learned to sing and play guitar. Someone made the guitar… and so on.

Today, John Hagel posted on Facebook about something Justine Musk posted on justinemusk.com. I noticed I hadn’t added her RSS feed to my feed reader. As I did that, I wondered: Will Google also shut down feedburner soon? I also noticed a post she made recently, linking to an article in the Harvard Business Review named “Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

I wondered who I want you to become: I want you to become literate — and I want you to tell me… you’re coming back to me! :D

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