Humanity, Science, Machines and Love

Let me start with machines. Machines need something to work. Their food is electricity, oil, or any resource they can use as a source of power. They need materials as inputs, then they create products as output.

Humans are different — we just exist. Or maybe we were put here by God. We can be nice, we can be nasty,… — by and large we try to get along and love each other.

When many — or maybe most? — people think about love, they think in terms of “you” and “me”, not so much in materialistic terms such as “input” or “output”. We may say we love chocolate or ice cream, but that is both different than the relationships machines have to their sources of power and also different than the way we love each other.

Machines are on a grid, they are all hooked up to each other somehow. Trying something like that with humans might land you in jail.

When I think about language as a tool for communication, people think that sounds abstract, mathematical, and cold. Most humans don’t think love is a matter of networking with everything, so love and science have nothing to do with each other.

Pollution and global warming may be bad, but it isn’t as bad as Hell.

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