To Do the Right Thing Means to Offer Solutions to Problems that are Simple, Direct, Quick and Easy

This can be summed up in 3 words: Less is more!

Do you remember the days when Google lived by this golden rule? It’s hard, because today Google is offering so many different things, I am already waiting for them to offer Google Ginsu knives.

But wait — there’s less! How about: to solve / fix just the issue that people want solved / fixed! This very moment — here and now!

This kind of focus is what Addle Search is all about. We already have some prototype websites … and we will soon be launching a website where you can try out the technology as a “free trial” offer. This trial offer will not actually show the power of the Addle Search technology — but it will be a way for people to use the technology so they can get an impression for just how easy it is to use… — simple, direct, quick and easy! :D

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