Social Media Tip: Be Prepared for Someone to Respond to Your Post

If you make a post on the Internet, then you should be prepared for the event that someone actually responds to your post.

If you are shocked that someone might respond and you delete their comment or say the response was inappropriate, then you may look like a buffoon, so be careful!

It’s advisable to make your post very clear, so that there’s no misunderstanding — for example: if you just want to chat with your next door neighbor, but you decide to use Facebook to do so, then it might be advisable to explain why you want to use Facebook, yet exclude most of the world from the conversation.

I do not usually exclude anyone this way, but I sometimes people are surprised when I respond to their posts and they say “oh, well this was actually a private conversation”. In my opinion, that’s an odd way to use the world-wide web (or, if you prefer: “social media”).

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