The Largest Bubble the World has ever Witnessed is Being Inflated this Very Moment

This bubble will dwarf the housing crisis, the stock market crash of 1929, the Dutch Tulip bubble — it will be bigger than anything mankind has ever seen.

There is a private company that basically owns all of the language on the globe: This organization is called ICANN. The leaders of this company have decided to simply let it loose in a sort of “free for all” frenzy… — except that the only people who are even permitted to participate are people with a lot of money. Not “funny money” stocks — cash. You know the type: all of those Fortune 500 Companies whose brand names appear in the headlines every day… — and also the Pope. If any Christians starve because the Pope decided to get in on the game, then I guess he is morally responsible to explain his thinking (but perhaps he will only be willing to do so in Latin?).

I see two plausible outcomes of this circus event:

  1. the Biggest Bubble EVAR will immediately burst and thousands of people with way too much money will lose most of it (and they will become laughing stocks)

  2. the Biggest Bubble EVAR will be “successful” and enshrined in public reality much in the same way the Ten Commandments, the Koran, the Bible, Code of Hammurabi, the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution and many more institutions have been religiously followed by assorted fanatics across the globe for many millennia

In other words: There is a quite high likelihood that the Biggest Bubble EVAR will be set into stone… — yet what the chance of that is, and how long that would last is something I no longer feel able to predict with more than about 2% confidence.

Note: This will probably not affect people who are literate in the sense of understanding how the Internet works (much in the same way that people really ought to know the way “traditional publishing” has worked at least for the 100 years or so) — but I would guesstimate that only at most 1% of the population (even in the most “advanced” countries) have attained this level of literacy. The vast majority of populations world-wide (the so-called “sheeple”) may at some point wake up to find out that they have been duped big-time… and I think then events might get quite “out of hand” — that’s just a wild guess, though. ;)

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