The Difference Between My Community + My Peeps

A couple of years ago one of my “Facebook Peeps” spoke of her “community” when she actually mentioned her “peeps” (her friends and acquaintances — her people). I was recently reminded of this again when someone said something similar and it irked me yet again.

So what is the difference?

I know many people, some of whom I have little in common with. Without common goals, interests, aspirations, etc. you cannot really speak of “community” — the common element is simply missing.

Calling out to your “peeps” is perfectly fine — but it is also quite random and shows little technical expertise. It is sort of the equivalent to going to a public square or shopping mall and asking someone about “global warming” — to explain the significance or the meaning of the term. It’s not totally ridiculous, but it would probably make more sense to ask this question of a community of scientists who can give more qualified (“expert”) opinions on the matter… — in other words: to ask the appropriate scientific community.

That’s the difference — in my opinion.

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