Another Reason Why Demand Media is a Force to be Reckoned With

Demand Media created the RSS Graffiti app (to import blog posts to Facebook profiles + fan pages). There are actually several apps that do similar tasks, but I find this one to be quite sophisticated.

What’s especially interesting is how Demand Media is positioned to gain a lot of information from this application (e.g. “click through rates”). Also: Demand Media uses Google APIs to implement this “solution” — so I guess Google also gets similar data(?)

It might be interesting to ponder if / when Demand Media is able to build a function like this independent of both / either of Google or Facebook. For example: they could offer this solution to bloggers and also provide information about click-through rates across various blogs.

Then again: Someone else might do this(?) I realize that I could be giving some smart Alec a very good tip here — but my hunch is that nobody will realize this (or perhaps they may realize it in about 5-10 years ;) ).

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