From Newspapers to Pay Per Info

Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have, in their For Immediate Release podcast episode #678, revisited topics related to brand journalism, advertorials and infomercials. These topics are indeed very important to consider in the current media landscape, and echo things I have been saying (also in comments I have made in previous FIR podcast episodes) for several years now.

That both Shel and Neville place such a high level of importance on this topic — and also that they state that it is still quite early days in this “game” — is music to my ears… in other words: I should not be discouraged when people do not understand what I am talking about — because I am apparently indeed a pioneer trailblazing an area in which I am years (if not even, as my friend Mark Grimes has said, decades) ahead of the mainstream pack.

Episode #678 was from before Thanksgiving, and I have not yet had a chance to listen to episode #679 yet — and I want to do that (in case others have already commented on this topic) before posting my own remarks. If you would like to do a quick listen of the discussion on episode #678, you can cue to 20:55 and also to 48:25 (note also that Adam Kleinberg has also shared ideas about Coca-Cola).

So please: stay tuned — I will share more in the coming days! :D

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